Thursday, November 8, 2012

The last lecture

First of all I would like to say thank you to my friends ekudala ndigudla nabo, Artistic, King pin sayiqa kudala lento but now siyayi bera lento

My last lecture was on the 25 October 2012, On the other  hand I am happy that I’m done with my lectures but  being a  student keeps you on your toes and sharpen your brain, also the friendship that I have built. I have learnt so much and have become a better person. I would also like to thank Mama Pike who lectures Media Studies for the passion she has for her student and her innovative ways of transferring information. I would like to say thank you for everything you have done for me.

What is the color of wind

This is the difficult question no one knows the colour of wind, wind it is colourless you can’t see the colour of wind; you will see the colour of a throughout the people living in this world that’s what we believe the colour of the wind is .Some they look up at the sky but you won’t see anything only thing you see is the sky, which blue. The real colour of the wind it is hidden you cannot seen it with your eyes as I have said you can only look at the people living in that environment than you can see the colour of the wind because it is colourless you cannot see it by eyes. Everything has got colour but it difficult clarify the colour of the wind, even the time I was at high school I never heard about the colour of the wind. In high school what I hard is that how the wind rise of the sky

Watch this space.

When you see the sign "watch the space" the expectation is that big things are coming and that you need to brace yourself, in South Africa we had our fair share of watching the space and a lot has happened. We have seen President being fired, new President being elected, cabinet being reshuffled and people of Khayelitsha given toilets with no walls. Let me bring the space back into my life I have dreams of succeeding and living a fulfilled life. I want to add value to people and touch people's lives. I am going to achieve this by ensuring that I improve my life by continuing to educate myself and trying to get into business, watch this space.

Sport against crime

The effectiveness of soccer in our youth community as we know that soccer is a tool for youth. The development of soccer is developing the youth to promote labour skills, prevent violence among the youth and general community integration.
Some of other countries such Ghana promoting soccer as a tool for development also use it to help economically disadvantaged youth people convert technical skills. South Africa football confederation creates development opportunities for children and youth people living in poverty in the region through the promotion of soccer. Soccer it is effectively some they believe in the power of soccer to mobilize the private, public and the non-profit sector to have a positive impact on youth.
Soccer in youth it engaged them to crime and trouble. After world cup it has come-up with a good influence to the youth of today it gives the power to face the challenges of soccer. And networking requires you to attend professional meetings, trade shows, chambers mixers and conferences. Look for people who can guide, support and import for your career, communicate with them regularly.
In our career life time we, encounter situations that makes our future look depressing. Majority of us kick-off our career chart with a great start, but as we encounter handles, we lose our momentum and enthusiasm in the process, hopelessness becomes a reality.

High crime rate

The high crime rate in our township is increasing and you cannot trust anyone if she/he is not a criminal even in the area where you live on, you have to be aware of your products because they hire their friends to robe you someone you don’t know.
This high crime rate makes us to be aggressive to someone else sometimes it tells your mind that let me do the something what the criminals do. Just because you have anger in your heart that they have done the bad thing to you so you want a revenge, but now you won’t find the person who do this to you.
The problem is that you have this anger and you going to do it to the innocent person in other way you don’t know that you are also causing the crime you joining them. Even if you live in quite places like blacks use to buy the houses in Mandalay think it is safe, there is no safe even there you are just the target of the criminals. They will think you are a rich person. The minute you get out from the yard it’s where the criminals targeted you they will take your car leave you with nothing. I think the causing of this high crime rate is the lack of the jobs and everyone wants to be rich so it end-up being a competition no-one wants to be lesser than to his friends end-up being a robbery.
Some theories suggest that those who are in poverty got that way merely of their own accord. It is true that drug- and gang-infested neighbourhoods of today often do invest in their own downfall through discouraging new growth and an infusion of economic and social relief through unsavoury acts of crime.

My big fat BIG dream

My dream is to run two oceans marathon and leave a healthy lifestyle, where I have perfect health, very healthy bank account and see my investment maturing. To be money-orientated a bit I want a Range Rover Sport, Yacht, a mansion in Camps bay, a wine farm and a holiday house in Knysna. I would love to have a stake in property development and be able to go to the gym anytime I feel like it. My dream is not the bling or BEE dream; it is also not to keep up with the Kenny Kunene’s with their R 2 million parties but mine is to help the disadvantage communities around Cape Town by building skills and development center.

My bucket list

1. Travel Europe
2. Travel the African continent
3. Start my own Sh’sa nyama
4. Drive yacht
5. Shoe shop
6. Drive F1 race car (McClarren)
7. Direct an action movie
8. Brick layer
9. Sky diving.
10. Go shopping in New York
11. Learn how to play a piano.
12. Kite surfing
13. Build a business empire
14. Have my own clothing label
15. Own a night club
16. Own a sports car (Lamborghini)
17. Have a six pack (Abs)
18. Have shares in the mining industry
19. Holiday trip to the Bahamas with my wife.
20. Own a ruby team
21.Have a soccer team